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It is essential to maintain a polite and professional attitude when communicating with the designers and staff at Wedigitalhub. Clear communication is key to getting the desired outcome, so be as explicit as possible when describing your project. Providing feedback is crucial in achieving a great result. While you don't have to comment on every design, it's important to remember that designers won't know how you feel unless you communicate your thoughts to them. Please note that running a single project for multiple services, such as a logo, website, and business cards, is not allowed on Wedigitalhub. Managing such projects becomes challenging. Instead, you have the option to place multiple projects for different services, or you can contact Wedigitalhub support to inquire about placing a bulk project (minimum of 3 projects required). It's important to understand that you cannot request all services within a single design project. We kindly request that you refrain from posting projects that contain objectionable subject matter, including anything obscene, pornographic, or offensive. If any offensive content is identified, the project will be withdrawn. We strictly prohibit asking one designer to copy the work of another designer, use free online resources, or replicate designs from existing companies or stock clipart. Please remember that you only own the designs that you have paid for. It is important to maintain fair competition and refrain from misrepresenting yourself, creating multiple accounts, or attempting to defraud Wedigitalhub or the design community.

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